Fear Is Just An Illusion

Fear is a creation of the imagination. Yet it sits in our soul and our energy and our life and it feeds us. It feeds us to the point that we stop ourselves from being who we truly are to the core. We forget who we are. We stop making the right choices for us. And we doubt life, and ourselves when something or someone comes along that shows us our fear.

Fear is just an illusion. Yet it is very believable. And we give it power.

When what we need to do is give ourselves the power. Love ourselves. Allow ourselves to heal. And prosper. And thrive. And live! Yet we believe the lie that is fear. And it feeds us as long as we allow it to.

So rise up and beat the fear! For this fear is nothing more to you then your truant in life. It is there to show you how much more you can be, and how much more empowerment you can gain in your life. And how much richer and vibrant your life can become.

Fear is what stops humanity in it’s tracks. We let the past sweep us away and repeat the lies that we’re no good, we can’t, we won’t, we’ll never have, we never will… Lies!

Picture that fear is this big black shadow that follows you everywhere. We all have it. Some fears are more noticeable, others are hidden deep, ready to pounce. And it seems to jump out at the exact moment, when we are about to prosper forward and excel. Some push past this fear and keep going, and achieve that success. Others cower, and step back and go back to what they were always doing, when fear took hold. Became less than they were. Lived in lack. Feared life. Feared love.

So isn’t it time to stand up and defend yourself against all that you afraid of? Fear is an illusion. It isn’t real unless we create it to be. It doesn’t have power unless we give it power. And it doesn’t rule our life unless we let it rule our life.

It is time to take back your life, and follow your dreams. Be abundant in love, money, health, spirit, body etc. It is time to thrive in life, instead of survive. It is time to heal! Not to be afraid. For in wanting to heal yourself, that is about empowerment. That is about seeing that you are worth all that you ever dreamed of and more.

If you are afraid of fear and keep running from it, or allowing it to follow you, then fear has won. And you will keep running. Until you decide it is time to heal.

So it is time to see the truth of your life, look fear in the eye, and stare it down. Because this is your life. You are the creator. You create the magic. And you live within the magic every day. Choose life! Choose love! Choose healing!

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