When you lose faith in life and love, there is usually one person at fault here…you!

This is not to put blame on anyone, yet you are the common denominator in this equation, and you are the only one who is keeping the faith from you in all that you do and all that you are.

So how to regain faith once more…

The way forward is just to take a small step forward each time, every day. This can be a positive thought replacing a negative one, doing something for yourself that feels good, or listening to happy music. The list is endless. There is always something you can do to change the state that you’re in, to make you have less or no faith at all in where you’re at.

All this step building, leads to the building itself…you! You are the solid foundation that needs to be created, by building faith step by step. Because once you build the proper foundation, you may find that small cracks that may appear in time can be easily repaired. It is all about how you look at life, and how you deal with where you are in life.

Life can be whatever you want it to be. If you choose it to be dull, unhappy or passionless, then so it will be. If you choose life to be full of passion, love and excitement, so it will be. You make the choice in which direction to take life. You are the only one that can change what path you take. The best path to take is the one that you choose yourself. Because this is your journey after all. You can join another on that same path, yet you are the one that needs to decide how to walk that path. The path that is your destiny, because it will be filled with learnings, failings, triumphs, hurts, fears, happiness, cheers, love and so much more. You need the good as well as the bad on this path. Because in seeing all of it, then you choose where you want to head. When experiencing the bad stuff, you then see how to make a better choice in life, so that the goal you wanted to achieve need not be so high up on the mountain.

The main point is this…

You choose your faith. You choose to have faith. And you choose how to use that faith. You can have faith, yet if it sits around and does nothing in your life, what good is it. You need to utilise it, in order to see results. So if you have faith, and you believe in it, then it will move you forward a step or two, or in leaps and bounds towards whatever it is that you want to achieve. And then the next bit of faith is used, and so on. So it all leads to the main event whatever that might be.

So next time you don’t believe you have faith, have a look just at what you believe in the first place. You do have beliefs. And if you are not choosing the path that feels right in your heart, then you are choosing the belief of fear that you have inside. If you move forward with confidence, no matter what your eventual outcome will be, then you have faith that somehow you will get to where you need to be. Sure you may not have gotten there in the first step, yet life is a stepping stone towards the eventual outcome. And in taking these steps, your faith will build. And you will get stronger. And your foundation will be so strong, that whenever a crack appears, you won’t even notice it.

So next time you feel like you don’t know where to find your faith…look inside. For that’s where you’ll always find it. And if you don’t think you can find it…then look under the rubble. Because that’s where you have buried it. And so the digging begins…and the dreams come flying out. Happy digging!

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