To be responsible in your emotions is to own them. For when you own your own emotions, you stop playing the victim. In playing the victim, you are basically saying that everything that you are experiencing, and everything that happens to you is everyone else’s fault.

There are many people and situations involved in your life, true! And everyone plays a part, one way or the other. But how you react is your own responsibility to take on board. For when you accept how you react, what you say, what you do, who you are, then you are taking on a new power. A power that puts you in the driver’s seat to instigate change. For when you do not claim that power, and believe that everything happens to you, then you are just succumbing to loss. You are giving up. You are telling yourself through your words, actions, thoughts and emotions that you cannot get back up and keep moving. That you are stuck.

For claiming the emotional responsibility is about seeing the truth of where you are.

Are you stuck? Are you disempowered? Are you angry? Are you in lack? Are you scared?

You must answer the truth for yourself. For where you are in the moment is your truth. If you are in lack and you do not want to be there and want something better for yourself, then you have the power to change the current truth. For whatever you are living in the moment.

When in an emotional state that does not empower you, it is easy to want to give it to another. Being angry about a situation. Needing that support above and beyond the boundaries. Seeking to control every outcome, from what people say and do, to any outcome you want to happen.

But it’s time to get real. You are the one that needs to take this emotional responsibility. You are the one that needs to stand up for yourself. No one else can take away your pain. You have to work through it. You can gain the support and therapy for dealing with your pain, but ultimately it is you who has to own it. Deal with it. See it for what it is.

Your pain serves to show you what you need to learn to become a free loving spirit. Your pain is there to help you better understand yourself. And your pain is there to help you to grow.

So before you throw it at another, push it away, or don’t want to deal with it, remember that it will not serve you. You must take charge, accept it, understand it and deal with it. Pain does not go away. It will get tucked away and get buried, and it will cause problems later on and resurface in other ways.

So be responsible. Be empowered. And own what is yours to own!

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