eclipseEgo and Soul.

Two sides of the coin. One thrives on insecurity, the other thrives on love, truth and grace.

We are all black and white. Yin and yang. Day and night.

We need to be all shades so that we can grow, expand and come back to who we truly are.

We are Souls. We vibrate the energy of a Soul. But many become lost. Many lose their way. And many turn to the ego self to survive.

But the Soul is love. Always was love, always will be. When you connect back to the Soul – because you never left, you will remember love in its purest form.

First you need to battle the ego. Push it down. Not buy into it. Not believe its lies. The ego is the scared and unloved part of you that wants to thrive. That wants to lead your life. And if you let it, your Soul will have lost the battle. Your Soul is always in the background, whispering to you the truths of who you are. Are you listening?

What is the Ego?

Control. Neediness. Attention.

There are many aspects of the ego, but for now these three will do to highlight a point.

These three have branches of the ego that feed off it.

A person in ego who uses control to get what they want, feels deeply unloved, is insecure and needs to ensure they are not abandoned and left behind. They need to be in control. This is their way of feeling safe and “loved”.

They become needy, increasing the control, needing to be fed “love” by seeking that external attention. “Look at me! Look at me!” Screams the insecure attention seeker. “Acknowledge me!” they demand.

This screams lack of love. The ego needs to be fed in order to survive. This is not love. This is fear. This is not the truth of the Soul. This is a lie.

The Soul on the other hand is Love.

Grace. Truth. Honour.

A person in a Soul space does not need constant recognition in order to feel loved. They accept with grace, they live with grace and are humble about themselves, their life and their achievements. They do not need to shout out to the world, “Look what I did! Look at me! Acknowledge me!” They know what they have achieved and that in itself fulfills them. They do not need to look for love outside of themselves. It is within them and they breathe that in.

A person in a Soul space knows the truth. That they are safe. They do not need to be controlled, or to control to feel loved. Love just is. Love is respect, and it is equal. No one is more superior to the other. They follow their truth, their passion, their purpose and it feels right. They resonate with who they are and they are comfortable in their own skin. If it is positive and it raises them, it is their truth. Their truth is what is important, not the truth of others. Not judgement.

A person in a Soul space honours themselves. They say no to what does not serve them. They say yes to what does. They respect themselves and choose to walk away from anything that does not respect them. Once they walk away, they learn from what they were taught. They honour and respect others, they are considerate and conscientious. There is no need to be first like the ego. There is no need for competition.

Ego vs. Soul.

Many elements. The black and the white.

Both are required in order to grow and evolve. Both need the space to show you who you are, want to be or don’t want to be.

There are many sides to each story. But for now, this is the story that must be told.

A Soul who vibrates love needs no competition. They need to recognition. They are fulfilled within themselves and there is no need to go looking for it outside of themselves. They are all they need within them. Anything else will compliment.

So before you act or react, think about it.

Which part of you are you acting out? Who are you resonating? And why?

The more of Soul Love that you can tap into and be, the more life will flow and you will feel happier, be in truth, honour yourself and most importantly love yourself.

You are all you need. Your Soul. Your Soul which is Love.

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