Dream Stealers

balloonDream stealers.

We have all met them. Most of us are related to them or currently are or have been in a relationship with them.

What do they do? Steal your dreams.

Have you ever been so excited about something you wanted to do and in your excitement decided to share that news with someone, only for your balloon to be popped and inflated?

“Why do you want to do that for?” they say. “It’ll never work.” “You won’t achieve it.” “You will fail.” And on and on they go, with all the reasons why it can’t happen.

Suddenly that excitement that you felt just disappeared. POP! Gone!

But do you realise that you are also a dream stealer?

You have moments where you have a great idea, it feels right and you have this amazing vision in relation to it, you plan in your mind all the things you want to do with your idea, only to think….”I don’t know where to start.” “It’s too good to be true.” “It’s just a stupid idea.” “It’s too hard!.” “I can’t!” POP!

You stole your own dream from underneath you!

If you are surrounded by dream stealers, it is because they are learning from the best. YOU!

You are showing them and teaching them how to steal your dream. You are vibrating that very idea out to them by how you feel about yourself achieving anything.

The minute you feel overwhelmed about how to do something, is the minute you give up. Because your energy becomes like a deflated balloon that suddenly has no life in it. No air. No excitement.

You let your lack of belief in yourself win. You let others dictate to you that you can’t do it. You believe them. And you believe that part of you that cannot do it.

When taking on a new challenge, it is always overwhelming. It is exciting. And it is scary. But the way to begin, is to begin!

You must start moving toward it. Even if you start by just jotting down some ideas, visualising how you would like it to look, and then take small steps toward it.

For those small steps lead to bigger steps. And those bigger steps lead to a wider vision. And that wider vision leads to more confidence. And that confidence leads to you being a stronger version of yourself who will not let others steal your dreams. Including your own self!

If you have a dream, keep the dream and go for it.

For everyone that has a dream will always encounter fears. They will always encounter dream stealers.

Dream stealers are speaking out of their own fears. They are speaking out of their own lack of confidence because they know they themselves cannot do it!

But that is not your problem. Your problem is to activate and action YOUR own dream. Others will always want to take it away from you, put you down and make you feel less.

But if you make yourself feel less, then there lies the problem.

If you need to get from A to B, then less information is more. For e.g. if you have a dream stealer in your midst, then less information that is given to them about your dream, until you are moving forward and confident, the better.

Because after all…it is your life! It is your dream! It is your choice!

Take a stand. Create your own dreams. Don’t let others take it away from you.

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