yesI admit, I tend to get caught up in the moment of when I want something really bad, that logic and intuition goes out the window and I say, YES! Only to realise, was that really what I wanted?

When you put an idea, an offer or a desire out to the Universe and it comes back to you, it can get really exciting. But you have to really look at what it is.

Is it what you truly desired, or are there just parts of it of what you wanted?

Do you need to compromise yourself in order to receive it?

Is it your fear speaking that says “take it now; there won’t be any better offers”.

I’ve gotten caught up in this more times than I care to admit, but when I step away from it and see the bigger picture, it gets much easier to say no, and wait and see what the next thing is that shows up.

I recently had this happen to me. Something I had wanted was offered to me. I felt so excited; it was exactly what I wanted. Yet I wasn’t ready to accept it because there would be a big part of me that had to give up something before I was ready to. I wasn’t ready to accept this offer, because I wasn’t in the position to accept it.

All the usual fears came to mind.

If I say no, will I lose this opportunity?

If I say no, how long will it take for the next one to come along?

And so it goes on…

But the biggest lesson here is HONOUR YOURSELF!

If it doesn’t feel right in the moment, then don’t do it. If you have to compromise yourself to be in an uncomfortable position in order to accept it, it really is not worth it.

Stay strong on what you want. Saying no does not mean you won’t get what you want. Saying no, just says that you are willing to honour yourself in accepting what is truthfully aligned to what it is you DO want!

Do not accept less than you deserve!

Do not say yes in order to please others, especially if it does not feel right.

Waiting does not say that you don’t want something; it is simply saying that you deserve better and you are willing to wait in faith and peace in order for it to arrive.

Do not jump at the first opportunity when it feels wrong.

Imagine these opportunities are like a hand you hold close to your face. What do you see? Mostly your hand. Now move your hand further away from your face. Now what do you see? You see your hand and everything else around it.

When you only see your hand (the opportunity you think you have to take but isn’t right!), you don’t allow yourself to receive much more.

So before you say yes, ask yourself…does it honour you?

If it does, then accept it with a resounding YES!




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