arrowsDestiny is what life brings us.

Free will is what action we take with what comes to us.

Can we create our own destiny?

How does free will play a part in our lives?

For many, they believe that destiny is what’s meant to be will be. And that is true for some things. But destiny can also be changed. Destiny can be re-written. That is where free will comes to play. You are in control of your life most of the time.

Synchronistic and “accidental” occurrences also play a part in destiny.

As you move through life and make choices, have new experiences, encounter new people, there will always be opportunities to course correct.

Many things are not set in stone. You can change the direction of your life most of the time.

Each soul has chosen their path before they reincarnated. That may seem difficult to digest, due to the hardships that many endure.

Why would you choose pain? Why would you choose illness? Why would you choose lack?

Some things are meant to be, such as how a soul needs to die, or when their time is up.

With the group of other souls we encounter (our soul group), we have pre-planned the reconnection. Each soul in each life takes on a new role each time in order to teach each other a lesson. To help each other to evolve.

So back to destiny. There are many journeys a soul must travel on. There are many things which can be changed. And free will is what can change this journey.

Say for e.g. if your soul decided to meet and have a relationship with a significant other, the souls would meet when the time was right. Synchronistic events would bring them together when the time was right as they go through life and make free will choices.

But if your soul and the soul you were meant to encounter met and there was a strong possibility for a relationship and a future, but neither of you or one of you decided against it, then you just changed the course of destiny. As one of you made a choice of free will to not go down that road.

There are many reasons for a soul not choosing a road to be in that particular relationship. The healing wasn’t great enough. There was too much fear involved, other opportunities came along in that soul’s life, and they chose another path to pursue. And along that new path they encountered another soul (also part of that soul’s soul group) that they decided to enter into a relationship with.

So even if a soul was “meant” for you, there is also free will. Each person needs to exercise free will, and both parties need to agree that they both want to experience the relationship.

There are many souls for each of us. So do not fear that if you miss your chance with one, that there may not be another. There are many opportunities that will come your way, if you let them. Let go and let it happen.

There are many pathways that present themselves, and that is destiny making its way to you. Destiny being an occurrence that was pre-planned for the soul.

Yet free will is just as strong too. It is not just about making free will choices to avoid something.

Free will is important to also make positive changes. If you feel you are in lack, experience bad luck, or no love, you have the free will to change that!

The free will you have is to find a way to heal. To find a way to course correct. Change the way your life moves. Your destiny is not to be in lack or suffer. That is part of the learning that your soul chose to have.

Your destiny ultimately is to make choices and decide based upon what your destiny presents to you. All the “accidental”, synchronistic experiences that are presented to you, are your clues to life. They are what lead you. They are what propel you forward. Listen to the signs, follow them, let them lead you.

Those experiences that are presented to you are like a buffet. You decide what you would like to enjoy. You decide how much of it you would like to enjoy. And if you do not enjoy it, then make a different choice, using free will.

You have choice. You have free will. As do others.

So if you find yourself stuck in an experience, relationship or fear, then know that you no longer have to experience it. Find a way to move away from that. Most things will take time to navigate away from. A lot of situations will take courage. And many times there will be fears to overcome.

But know that where you are now, is not where you have to be, if you don’t want to be there.

You have free will. Destiny brings to you what you need. Then you decide what you would like to do with it.

It is all up to you!

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