Are you Valuing yourself?

If you aren’t sure then you need to look at your results, the people around you, your experiences and all that comes your way.

For in seeing your self value is in how you act.

Do you receive graciously? Or do you push people and things away and take much longer to receive?

For if you do, you are blocking acceptance. You are telling yourself and others that you are not worthy of receiving. And so your flow slows down or stops altogether. For you are showing the world that you do not deserve it. You are experiencing that unworthiness and you are acting it out.

Do you let others take more than you receive?

If you find that it is not balanced, that you are always the one giving, perhaps you are just being needy and seeking love outward. For if you were to let yourself to receive then you would not need to always ask so often.

Neediness is a form of begging. It is about convincing others to be in your life.  Whether that is being in a relationship, someone owing you money, friendship, spending time, an employer…it reflects everything!

So take a look at your life. Do you receive openly and do you do it in a deserving way? Do you make a fuss, make excuses and take much longer to accept?

Do you have takers in your life, where you are always the one giving, and they are the ones taking? Why do you let them take so much? Do you let these needy people be in your life because you need that love as much as they do?

If you feel you do not receive as effectively, simply change it. Accept with grace, believe that you are worth it, do not justify it…rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat!

If you have too many takers in your life, make a stand for yourself and only accept what feels right for you. Just say no! Don’t be needy and leave the door too open. Only accept what is right for you.

Value yourself because you deserve it! Say no, because you are not the saviour of others! Don’t take their lesson away from them. And don’t take yours away either!

And respect yourself, for when you start with you, others will follow!

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  1. I have been over generous and a super-giver all of my life. My life was in tatters and ruins just months ago because of my extreme sacrifice. God stopped me in my tracks and literally removed all of the people who were sucking the life out of me. Well, almost all of them… lol. I am dead in the water, recovering spiritually and a much stronger and wiser woman now. I am being asked to be friends again with someone who stabbed me in all of my soft spots after moving heaven and earth for them. But I VALUE and RESPECT myself now much more than I ever have and they must now as well. The answer is ‘no’ and will remain, ‘no’. I am ready to be able to receive now after giving 200% for so long. I am learning, thank you for your article.

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