The energy that you vibrate shows itself to you in your every day choices, experiences, thoughts and emotions.

Yet are you paying attention to what you are choosing?

You are playing the game of fear every day of your life when you don’t make the choices that relate to love, and make the choices that lessen who you are.

Making the choices of love are simple! A kind thought to yourself, a kind feeling, doing something that makes you feel good, rather than out of obligation for another, being truly and deeply happy within…you know you will feel this when you don’t feel guilty about feeling this happiness etc.

There are so many ways to see how you choose Love or fear.

In being wrapped in fear, quite often there are doubts in your mind and your heart. You wonder if you made the right choice, you feel uneasy, you don’t listen to your own intuition, you go against your heart etc.

The way to know which way you are heading, and what pathway you are choosing is simple.

Know yourself!

Some tips to begin to know yourself:

Know what you want in your heart…even if the doubts appear! As this is just fear showing itself and testing you!);

♥ Speak your truth!;

♥ Do what is right for you! Despite those around you that nudge you in another direction;

♥ If you feel drawn to something or someone…then follow that nudge…that is your deeper subconscious that is guiding you towards love.  Note: that there may be a hard lesson here before you reach the love, in order for you to break through to continue your journey towards it!;

♥ Be kind to yourself!;

♥ Think kindly and loving about yourself;

♥ Believe in yourself!;

♥ Aspire to be the best you can be no matter what blocks stand in your way;

♥ Be yourself!;

♥ Do something every day that empowers and uplifts you;

♥ Be kind and compassionate to others…for you are doing this service to yourself, what you see in them, is what is in you;

♥ Spend some time on your own, so that you can hear what you heart wants;

Choosing Love over fear is much simpler then first imagined.

And that’s where it begins…with imagination. Because imagination is what is stuck in your subconscious that is buried beneath all the fear. It is about releasing it, it is about unsticking it, it is about guiding it out of its dark hiding place.

Love is all around you, Love is within you…and it outshines fear any day…if you let it!

Allow it to shine. And allow it to lead your life towards the light and all that you ever imagined.

Love is grand! Love is divine! Love is YOU!

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