Raise Your Voice!

You all have a voice. Yet how you use it or don’t use it indicates your past hurts, experiences and current situations. In using your voice, you express your freedom, your security, your safety, your love, who you are, or lack of all the above.

You are different people at different times of your lives. Yet it is crucial to know who you are now, and how you are expressing yourself, and what situations or frustrations are coming into your life. For to look deeply within, is to have a look around you. How you deal with certain people and situations, how others react around you. Your anger and frustrations rise to the surface. Who are you being? And why are you being this way?

Expressing through anger

In expressing yourself with anger, this is a sign of a deep repression that has worked within your system over a long period of time, passed down from generations before you. This is not to put any blame on your ancestors, yet to look more deeply at who you are now, and what you can do to take charge of your life, and rise above the circumstances you were born into.

When you project your anger outward you may express it in a way that is abusing, accusing, quick tempered, harsh, unsupportive etc. And this comes from your own deep wounds of having anger projected at you, or not feeling loved and supported.

Projecting it from a place from within you may find you to be withdrawn, depressed, a recluse, quiet, submissive etc. This comes from a place of being or feeling unseen, unnoticed and invisible.

In seeing your traits and how you react, you must see what it is that triggers you in the first place. For if you feel that the world has done you wrong, and you get angry about that, then you are reacting because in the past you did not have a voice with which to express yourself, and now this situation is occurring again and showing you that you still don’t have a voice, and so you get angry. And this is the way you deal with it.

If you are finding that whenever you want to rise up and move forward, this will show up too in various places. You may find yourself in relationships (this includes all types like family, significant other, friendships, colleagues etc) that do not allow you to express yourself, or you find that you cannot speak your truth and you just become who they want you to be over time, or who you think they want you to be. And you begin to lose yourself. Yet who were you in the first place? And are you willing to find out who you are now?

So in turn you will find that unhappiness will creep up into your life. And soon you will adjust to this way of life, and accept it and lose your voice altogether. If you find yourself being in a pattern where in your workplaces you accepted jobs that wouldn’t allow you to progress forward, either financially, having a title, or superiority, for e.g. applying for new positions that you never got, getting the run around, being afraid to take higher positions, starting a new business etc

You are living out what you were taught, experienced and still currently believe, even if it is not a conscious thought. All your patterns show up, one way or the other. And if you do not want to look within, you will always be chasing your tail and come across the same types of frustrations, which show themselves in different formats. So if you are willing to look and deal, then the cycle changes.

Being seen

On the other hand, if you are not expressing yourself through direct anger to have your voice, you may be doing your best to be seen. Acting like a peacock. Raising your voice high. “Look at me, look at me”. By creating your voice to be louder and becoming more demanding, you are still using anger, yet it is so deep, that you won’t even dare look at it. Instead you want to be seen, in order to have a voice, and you are demanding that others pay attention to you. And when they don’t, your voice just gets louder. And you throw a tantrum. And you give ultimatums. And you’ll do whatever you can do, to have that attention, because that is your way of having a voice, having people “love” you and of having them listen to you.

Yet is it real love that they are giving you? Or the type that you are demanding them to give you? For how satisfying is it, to make others be who you want them to be, just so that you’ll feel safe? You are not being real. And you are not being true to yourself. You are cheating yourself on pure real love, and it always starts within you. By forcing others to see you, how fulfilling is that? It is not. And the ultimate result is that you feel empty inside…yet how long will this take for you to figure it out? You may never figure it out. Or you may, and refuse to look at it, and then you live in fear and you find that not much works out the way you want, because you are drawing situations into your life based on fear, not real love, and so a cycle of frustration and lack begins. So it’s time to get real! And it’s time to look within, and see your own true self. And if you don’t like that self, then it is time to create a new one.

For if you are not being real, you are kidding yourself. In speaking louder, in forcing people to pay attention to you, you are just controlling the outcome. You don’t feel safe to stay in the background. You were repressed in your past, you were shut down. And now you have turned completely around in the opposite direction and are looking for that attention. Simply because you didn’t feel loved in the past. And now you are desperately seeking that love, and so your “voice” gets louder. Although this is not your real voice. For it is not a voice that comes from the heart, or the soul. It is a voice that comes from fear. For if you stay quiet, then people won’t notice you. And you won’t feel loved. You will feel alone.

Needing to be in control

Needing to be in control of your life and others around you is a sign of insecurity, abandonment, lack, fear etc. In making sure that you are heard and that the others around you don’t have a voice, you make your voice louder than theirs, stronger, and you don’t allow them to progress ahead of you. You must control all or most outcomes, you must speak louder and firmer and you must always stay ahead of your game.

For here once more, you are not speaking from your heart. You are only speaking from fear. For your fear of abandonment comes through very strongly. For if you do not have control of all around you, then no one will love you, no one will hear you, no one will be with you.

And so you find yourself controlling others in your relationships with them. Controlling your partner, family, friends, staff or colleagues to not have a voice. Controlling all outcomes of life. Controlling your emotions. Not allowing yourself to really feel what is within you, for if you were to feel things deeply, you would not be in control. If you were to allow emotional intimacy with yourself and others, you would be able to see your own reflection in them, and that is just too fearful for some to look directly in their own mirror. Not being in control makes you feel unsafe, and unsure of life and all around you. You would lose your footing. You would lose your grip. You would lose your head, because you would not be operating from your heart, just your logic. Your head is making the decisions, because your heart would lose control of you. It would force you to feel.

So in acting and using your voice from a place of control, you are also operating from anger. Your anger was suppressed at a younger age, and you were not allowed to speak, and others weren’t there for you. So now to ensure that others will be there for you, you must make sure that they are and control the situation. Force them to be with you, and only in the way that you want them to be with you. In not having their own voice that overtakes yours. For if you were to have an equal voice, then you would surely lose control. And so the cycle continues. Until you use your voice from the heart and lose the control, you will never be safe.

Speaking from the heart

To speak from the heart, is to bypass fear. It is to lose control, it is to speak up when required, be quiet when necessary, put yourself out there, open your heart and most importantly observe…your reactions to life, and that of others around you, will bring you the biggest insights into the way you act, the way you live and the way you love.

For when you look much more deeply at your sorrow, you will then see what needs to be healed. You will see what blocks in life show up for you. You will choose a different outcome and you will choose love. For in staying down, you are not choosing love, you are choosing fear. And fear is within all of humanity. Fear is what causes the triggers for learning, to rise above and to teach us how to live in peace, harmony, love and encouragement for ourselves and others.

So speak honestly, and speak with love.

How to do this you ask?

The first step is to speak from your heart and to see where your fear lies. So if you are not getting the outcome in your life that you want, ask yourself why? What is it connected to? Why are you so fearful to move forward? What are your blocks?

The first step to heal is to acknowledge. For this is a shift in itself. When you find the courage to see, you heal. For when you see, you cannot go back. Because that would mean that you will now be living with your fear out in the open. It is like discovering a secret that could ruin a situation. All was fine before you knew. You were in your happy place. Now with this secret, you find that you must make a decision, and you must feel things that you did not want to feel or see before you knew. So once you know and see your fear, you can no longer live in denial. The way you feel has changed, and now you know the truth. You have been exposed.

And this is what acknowledgement does. It forces you to see that you cannot keep living the way you have been living with this fear. Sure you may continue to live, knowing about your fear. Yet in time, you will see that your obstacles keep showing up, the same frustrations. And one day there will be a snap point, where you will make that decision that enough is enough, and that there must be change!

So to speak from your heart, you must look around you and within you. For there lie all your answers of what it is you must heal, so that you do not need to live in your controlling world, a world of not being seen or loved, or of feeling unsupported, or living in a world of anger, created by your own self.

So it is time to rise up! It is time to open your heart! It is time to use YOUR VOICE!

For you have something valid to share with the world and yourself. And for it to be the right kind of voice and expression…it must be a voice that comes from a place called LOVE!

If you would like to know more about how to heal and release your energetic trauma, consider a Spiritual Healing session. This session shows you your fear real time, releases it and reprogrammes your energy so that you can embrace new love energy that you already possess. Click here to learn more or book an appointment.

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The emotional layers and scars that have previously stopped me from moving forward have been peeled off. Being free from all that emotional build-up, it is the most exhilarating experience and I feel that I can live again, as me. I have tried many other modalities and have never ever experienced this level of healing, happiness and satisfaction within myself over the last 6 years. Absolutely amazing!


Just wanted to thank you for your guidance, support and healings! Our one on one sessions have been very powerful and I have been able to clear many emotional blockages and fears that have allowed me not only to feel lighter and more free, but also, to make important decisions and move forward very positively in my life. Things are happening and changing and it all feels so right!!


Gina has helped me break through some emotional blockages that have been buried deep inside me for many years. Since being treated by Gina I have had an huge improvement in my relationships, finances and career. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for help on a deeper spiritual level.


When I first started I was an angry, unhappy person. Over the coming weeks I experienced so many emotions. Now I feel calmer, clearer and much happier. I am able to accept that I am who I am and love me for me. Although I still face challenges, I face them with much more grace and ease. This is the beginning of a journey and I am so grateful. Thank you so very much.


I am so grateful for the amazing experience. I started with fear and emptiness and now it has been replaced with faith and most importantly TRUST in myself, others and the Universe. Thank you for the incredible experience and the lessons I have faced and learnt. Truly amazing! Every person should have the experience of receiving healings to help you move forward. Do yourself a great favour. Thank you!


Sometimes in life you need be guided in the right direction by a special light – and this is what Gina signifies to me! She is an honest spiritual guide whom has brought confidence and strength when I have been completely lost! I haven’t met anyone more accurate and honest as Gina! If you are after honest clear answers waste no time and speak to Gina! Highly Recommended.


When I first started I was an angry, unhappy person. Over the coming weeks I experienced so many emotions. Now I feel calmer, clearer and much happier. I am able to accept that I am who I am and love me for me. Although I still face challenges, I face them with much more grace and ease. This is the beginning of a journey and I am so grateful. Thank you so very much.


The most important change that I have noticed is the in-dependency that I feel. I feel like searching for love in others is something that is no longer needed and to avoid as it creates limitations and expectations that are not fully expected when a proper alignment is agreed upon. I can’t believe so much has been removed in such a short time. This journey has been amazing!


The healings I’ve received have created massive shifts that have allowed me to find and maintain my inner strength. Some deep blockages that have been long held have been uprooted, bringing me greater awareness, restoring balance and finding clarity. I have a greater sense of confidence and trust in myself that I am moving in the right direction.

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