Neediness is like a drug.

It gives you an adrenalin kick and leaves you wanting for more.

That next fix. That drip feeding that leaves you satisfied until the next hit that you need.

Why does this fear have so much power over you and where does it come from?

How do you let go of this fear and what can you do so that you can look within and detox yourself of your addictive drug?

Neediness comes from lack. It comes from a space of not having enough, not being enough and feeling empty and insecure.

When you are needy, you are afraid of being abandoned. You are afraid of not being heard or seen or acknowledged.

To be needy is to be unloved from a deep space within you.

And no matter what another offers you – whether it be affection, time, attention or gifts, unless you can draw from your own love from within you, you will always want more – from outside of you.

It is like a drug. With each hit that you get, you are only satisfied until it wears off. Then you want more. And sometimes you will do anything to get that fix that will satisfy you. Until it wears off…and then you go round again!

When you feel needy, you are afraid to look within. You don’t believe that what you have within you is love. You do not draw from your own love inside of you that you have. You cannot access because it is too covered with your own fears.

When you feel needy, you will do whatever it takes to feel loved.

And this happens in many different ways. Some ways are listed below:

  • You live from your Ego space. The very loud part of you that always needs the attention. Needs to be seen and heard. Needs others to know they are there in case they miss out on their fix. The one who makes it all about themselves. “It’s all about ME!”
  • You play out your victim card and create incessant dramas. You become the Drama Queen or King. This is the way you get your fix. By having tantrums, by needing that attention on you. By begging for that love and nurturing which isn’t love at all, just another quick fix. You carry on like a child who isn’t getting the attention they want because they feel ignored or unloved and stamp your foot, create unnecessary dramas and pain just so that others will spend time with you and give you the attention that will feed you until the next drama.
  • You withdraw. Energetically you crawl right into your shell and do your best to pull people into your shell. You are safe here and you need to feel safe with someone else in there too, feeding you what you think is love.
  • You stop others from following their own journey and pull them down into your pit of despair, your fears and negativity. This is your fear speaking and your fear is telling you that unless you hold someone captive, then you will be left behind and abandoned. And you can’t have that, because if you don’t keep someone that you are feeding off close to you, then you will be all alone and unloved. So you force them to stay. But on the other person’s end, they cannot be forced to stay. Yet whatever fears they themselves hold is what is holding them there too…
  • You stop yourself from following your own journey, and allow others to control you. Because at least this way…someone cares enough to keep you close. And then it becomes toxic…
  • You continually seek attention. You need to be acknowledged. You need to be praised. And you need that fix from somewhere.

That fix that you are so craving is not real love at all. Just something that is keeping you fed.

That drip feeding that you are drawing upon is not real nourishment, just a false sense of safety.

That attention that you seek is not real at all. It is just drama and chaos that you create so that you are noticed and you won’t feel abandoned.

Neediness is like a drug. It is addictive. It is not the solution but your problem.

For when you pull back and stop creating that need, you will become vulnerable, isolated and unprotected.

This is where you need to be. Out in the open to navigate your way through life. Where you can open your heart and let people in and your love out.

You need to begin to trust yourself that you do indeed have all that you need within you to live a thriving life – not in a survival mode which is what neediness brings you. That next fix.

When you go cold turkey, you will indeed feel uncomfortable, unsupported and exposed.

But this is where you will then begin to draw upon your own love from within, instead of from others around you and other things.

Neediness is not just about getting your fix from other people. It is also about getting your fix from other things.

Do you have certain things you do that make you feel loved and wanted and full?

Whether it is food, toxic relationships, sex, negative patterns, drama, being ego centred or just withdrawn – you will know what it is for you.

Because when you get it you will feel just fine right after you felt insecure and unloved.

When you feel insecure and unloved and are about to reach for that fix that makes things “ok”, before you do…stop!

See your pattern. Why are you doing it? How long is it going to last? How will it make you feel?

Being needy is very addictive. It can drive you crazy because when you aren’t getting your fix you will make the poorest of choices. You will do anything to get that thing that makes you feel better.

Just like a drug addict, when they are in need of a fix, some can do the unthinkable and go out of their way to get that fix they need because their previous fix has run out or is about to.

Love is just the same. Is it real love or just another fix that you need?

The real love that you want is right inside of you.

It is not love that you need. Because a need is a fix. It is a love that you have.

When you don’t need anything, it means that you are fulfilled.

So before you reach for that fix that drip feeds you, look within and find that true love that you have. You have as much as you will ever need.

And it will be a true long lasting love. Forever. Because your Soul lives on. And it lives on Love!

If you would like to know more about how to heal and release your energetic trauma, consider a Spiritual Healing session. This session shows you your fear real time, releases it and reprogrammes your energy so that you can embrace new love energy that you already possess. Click here to learn more or book an appointment.

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The emotional layers and scars that have previously stopped me from moving forward have been peeled off. Being free from all that emotional build-up, it is the most exhilarating experience and I feel that I can live again, as me. I have tried many other modalities and have never ever experienced this level of healing, happiness and satisfaction within myself over the last 6 years. Absolutely amazing!


Just wanted to thank you for your guidance, support and healings! Our one on one sessions have been very powerful and I have been able to clear many emotional blockages and fears that have allowed me not only to feel lighter and more free, but also, to make important decisions and move forward very positively in my life. Things are happening and changing and it all feels so right!!


Gina has helped me break through some emotional blockages that have been buried deep inside me for many years. Since being treated by Gina I have had an huge improvement in my relationships, finances and career. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for help on a deeper spiritual level.


When I first started I was an angry, unhappy person. Over the coming weeks I experienced so many emotions. Now I feel calmer, clearer and much happier. I am able to accept that I am who I am and love me for me. Although I still face challenges, I face them with much more grace and ease. This is the beginning of a journey and I am so grateful. Thank you so very much.


I am so grateful for the amazing experience. I started with fear and emptiness and now it has been replaced with faith and most importantly TRUST in myself, others and the Universe. Thank you for the incredible experience and the lessons I have faced and learnt. Truly amazing! Every person should have the experience of receiving healings to help you move forward. Do yourself a great favour. Thank you!


Sometimes in life you need be guided in the right direction by a special light – and this is what Gina signifies to me! She is an honest spiritual guide whom has brought confidence and strength when I have been completely lost! I haven’t met anyone more accurate and honest as Gina! If you are after honest clear answers waste no time and speak to Gina! Highly Recommended.


When I first started I was an angry, unhappy person. Over the coming weeks I experienced so many emotions. Now I feel calmer, clearer and much happier. I am able to accept that I am who I am and love me for me. Although I still face challenges, I face them with much more grace and ease. This is the beginning of a journey and I am so grateful. Thank you so very much.


The most important change that I have noticed is the in-dependency that I feel. I feel like searching for love in others is something that is no longer needed and to avoid as it creates limitations and expectations that are not fully expected when a proper alignment is agreed upon. I can’t believe so much has been removed in such a short time. This journey has been amazing!


The healings I’ve received have created massive shifts that have allowed me to find and maintain my inner strength. Some deep blockages that have been long held have been uprooted, bringing me greater awareness, restoring balance and finding clarity. I have a greater sense of confidence and trust in myself that I am moving in the right direction.

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