Welcome to the Love Attraction Series!

You will be automatically placed into the Healing times which run every Thursday at 7pm AEST, for the duration of the 4 weeks beginning the first Thursday after your purchase. Hope you enjoy the healings.

For your reference, the healing topics are as follows:

Week 1  Topic

– clear out your lack of love vibration;

– centre you to receive and be in flow;

– energy realignment and love attraction preparation;

Week 2 Topic

– opening your heart for giving and receiving;

– self confidence, courage and faith;

– restructure of love emotions, thoughts, beliefs;

Week 3 Topic

– shedding old skins of old love patterns;

– creating new positive love patterns;

– creating your love bubble;

Week 4 Topic

– magnify and intensify your love vibration;

– changing your vibration to be a love magnet;

– cementing your love attraction energy to create continuous flow;

Note: Each individual’s results will vary. You may not see immediate results as the new energy may take time to integrate within you and your free will to create changes also determines your results. VG takes no responsibility for your behaviour during this time. These healing are not guaranteed to release the blockages that you wish to be released as everything comes in layers and you will release what your Soul wants you to release at this time.