Sunday Healing Topic

 The Final Clean Up!

Sundays 24th & 31st December 2017

This healing will be about cleaning up BIG loose ends from the past year. Cutting the cord on endings, disconnecting from loose threads, releasing the parts that hold you back and gaining a sense of renewal.

Sub Topics that will be addressed are:

  • Cleaning up your energy from endings, energetic residue, open energy loops and what you no longer need;
  • The cutting of cords and the disconnection of energies you are no longer aligned to;
  • Closing the door to the past by removing any energy that lingers that keeps you looking back, even though you have moved on;
  • Implementing renewal, creation and fresh new energy of new beginnings;
  • Clearing out the pathway ahead, so that you have confidence and courage moving forward;
  • Wrapping up and spring cleaning your life up to date for a new start;

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Sunday Healing Details

How do the Healings work?

Every Sunday at 7pm (Sydney time AEST), Distant Healing will run for 2 hours.

Timezone won’t matter as the energy of the healing will reach you where you are in your own timezone.

You may carry on with what you normally do or you can enjoy some time out and relax while the healing occurs.

The healing will focus on a new topic every week and will be posted on this page and on the Facebook Page.

The energy powerfully detoxes you on a deep level and brings your emotions up to the surface to be seen, acknowledged, dealt with and to be released. Each individual will experience healing differently. It will be a unique experience for every person. You will release what you need to release at the time that you are ready to let go of it, as each issue comes in layers.

Depending on each person’s sensitivities, you may or may not feel the healing working through you and that is OK. Over time, you will see shifts within you, where you either notice it right away, or it may take a little more time into the future of when you received the healing to see the change.

Some ways you may see changes in your life is that you may feel lighter, you may take a different life direction, you may react differently to a pain or fear, or you may not be connected to the pain of the fear at all as you have released it.

This is also a good time to do some journaling of your thoughts to help with the release if you wish. Some may experience body aches and pains, old thoughts and emotions from the past, negative fears and beliefs popping up. You are just detoxing these old subconscious beliefs and they seem very real to you. Just be present, acknowledge them, feel them and know that they are leaving you.

These healings are gentle, non-invasive and if you don’t feel it happening at the time specified, don’t worry your old emotions will pop up to the surface later when it is time for you to see them. They bring up your old programming from deep within your subconscious and will release blockages in relation to the topic.

Some ways in which the healing will work is that you might feel the energy running through your body. You may be extra sensitive emotionally. You may experience old emotions coming up to the surface from the past. This is all part of the detox process as old patterns and beliefs are leaving you, and new energy is taking it’s place.

Healing takes time, so you may not see immediate changes, but in time, you will make different choices in life and feel much happier and have more confidence. You will still continue to shift throughout the week before and after the healing has taken place. The energy begins to ramp up the sooner you join.

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$22 AUD

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Success Stories


The emotional layers and scars that have previously stopped me from moving forward have been peeled off. Being free from all that emotional build-up, it is the most exhilarating experience and I feel that I can live again, as me. I have tried many other modalities and have never ever experienced this level of healing, happiness and satisfaction within myself over the last 6 years. Absolutely amazing!


Just wanted to thank you for your guidance, support and healings! Our one on one sessions have been very powerful and I have been able to clear many emotional blockages and fears that have allowed me not only to feel lighter and more free, but also, to make important decisions and move forward very positively in my life. Things are happening and changing and it all feels so right!!


Gina has helped me break through some emotional blockages that have been buried deep inside me for many years. Since being treated by Gina I have had an huge improvement in my relationships, finances and career. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for help on a deeper spiritual level.


When I first started I was an angry, unhappy person. Over the coming weeks I experienced so many emotions. Now I feel calmer, clearer and much happier. I am able to accept that I am who I am and love me for me. Although I still face challenges, I face them with much more grace and ease. This is the beginning of a journey and I am so grateful. Thank you so very much.


I am so grateful for the amazing experience. I started with fear and emptiness and now it has been replaced with faith and most importantly TRUST in myself, others and the Universe. Thank you for the incredible experience and the lessons I have faced and learnt. Truly amazing! Every person should have the experience of receiving healings to help you move forward. Do yourself a great favour. Thank you!


Sometimes in life you need be guided in the right direction by a special light – and this is what Gina signifies to me! She is an honest spiritual guide whom has brought confidence and strength when I have been completely lost! I haven’t met anyone more accurate and honest as Gina! If you are after honest clear answers waste no time and speak to Gina! Highly Recommended.


When I first started I was an angry, unhappy person. Over the coming weeks I experienced so many emotions. Now I feel calmer, clearer and much happier. I am able to accept that I am who I am and love me for me. Although I still face challenges, I face them with much more grace and ease. This is the beginning of a journey and I am so grateful. Thank you so very much.


The most important change that I have noticed is the in-dependency that I feel. I feel like searching for love in others is something that is no longer needed and to avoid as it creates limitations and expectations that are not fully expected when a proper alignment is agreed upon. I can’t believe so much has been removed in such a short time. This journey has been amazing!


The healings I’ve received have created massive shifts that have allowed me to find and maintain my inner strength. Some deep blockages that have been long held have been uprooted, bringing me greater awareness, restoring balance and finding clarity. I have a greater sense of confidence and trust in myself that I am moving in the right direction.


I started my journey with Gina in November 2011 and what a life revolution it has been!

The first message received was so energetic and revitalizing, also discharging many emotions that I was carrying for many years, that I felt like a little child reconnecting to his family after a very long time..... and what a reconnection! I met my twin flame, change carrier, starting my first business and feeling so much at peace with myself that the way I am currently getting things done and the results that follow, I would have never thought possible.

After many many years of waiting, my life is heading back to where it's supposed to and I feel so much blessing by what Gina and the Spirit Guides have done for me.

Where I am today, would have not been possible without Gina and the Spirit Guides and the few words that I am writing are just to give an idea about how beneficial the service has been.

I am still continuing today to have Gina as my main healer and I definitely recommend her service to anyone.

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