30 Days To Love

The Ultimate Self Love Healing Program

What would it FEEL like if you knew what LOVE VIBRATIONS you were
projecting out into the world?

And what if you could CHANGE the vibration of that energy so that
you could attract real LOVE and not fear?

This 30 Days To Love Program is a truly unique program that guides you into your own personal journey of what LOVE is to you.

You will identify your own emotional blockages around Love AND you will also shift and release them during the course of the program!

You will create multiple BREAKTHROUGHS in your

limiting beliefs about LOVE and yourself!

  • How would it feel to be able to push past your fears, rather than have them growIMG_7354_5_6_tonemapped_bw(1) and intensify?
  • Do you find yourself repeating the same experiences even though you make different choices?
  • Are you stuck and lack motivation or purpose?
  • Do you feel unloved, uninspired and unsupported?
  • Are you finding it difficult to heal your past wounds?

Lacking Self Love affects EVERY part of your life!

  • You accept less!Love
  • You make choices that do not honour you;
  • You undervalue yourself;
  • And you accept toxic relationships;


into ALL areas of your life!

  • It creates Self Empowerment
  • You love with an Open Heart and Trust more easily
  • You follow your Passion and Purpose with ease
  • You Heal your pain much faster
  • You let go and Forgive Yourself and others
  • You can see your Patterns and blockages more clearly and want to Heal them!

You will get to see first hand how you accept love, give love and act in love.

What can you expect in 30 Days To Love?

Once you sign up, over the 30 Day period you will receive course material and content.

What is unique about this Program is that you will receive continuous Distant Healing – powerful energy designed to clear your emotional blockages around Love as you proceed through the 30 Days. So that you are not only learning about your Love Patterns, but you are clearing out the emotional debris as you gain priceless insights.

Unlimited Email Support with myself to help you to navigate what you are feeling, give you guidance and love when you need it the most. And Channeled Program material.

What’s included?

– Channeled Audio Material and Lessons – (Value – $400)

– Channeled  Written Content and Lessons – (Value – $350)

– One whole month of programmed Distant Healing continuously – (Value – $249)

– Bonus Meditations so that you can see, experience and understand your Love experiences – (Value – $200)

– A copy of my E-Book – 10 Common Emotional Blockages… – (Value – $23)

– Unlimited support and access to me via email – (Value – $2,000)

Total Value – $3,222 Worth!

This Program material has been specifically designed so that you can get the best learning about Love.

You will Feel (Healing), See (Meditation), Experience (Written) and Hear (Audio) the learning.

Everyone learns in different ways. So your subconscious will absorb the healing and learning in different manners. One way or another, you will get your insight into your current Love Vibration.

What can you expect to pay?

$497 for everything!

Total Value – $3,222 Worth!


One easy payment of $297 AUD

Or 2 easy payments of $157 AUD

Program date TBA

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After completing Gina’s 30 days to Love Program I can already see and feel the difference.

I struggled with Self Love. I knew what it meant from a literal meaning but what did it mean Spiritually, at Soul level?

Gina’s program not only clarified this for me it made me feel it! The material, the audios, the meditations and her generous support were all just amazing and what I needed!

I have since taken ownership of me and the energy that I vibrate. I feel more grounded. I trust the process of life and as a result learned to let go. Love comes from within and I can truly see that now. I can see who I am and what I attract and vibrate to the world.

Gina is a wonderful Spiritual healer, a caring, trustworthy, and honest person, who has helped me enormously in my life journey. I would recommend her 30 days to Love program and all the services she provides to everyone wanting to live a more serene and happier life.

Thank you Gina for enabling me to see, feel, experience and hear my Love vibration and helping me believe in LOVE again!

Here’s a quick glance at what you will be learning…

Week 1

– You get to learn what Love is. Gain clarity so that you can see what is Fear or Real Love.

– You will play a game around Giving and Receiving Love. You will love this! It will bring you sooo much insight into what you allow yourself to receive.

– I will be taking you into an experience so that you can see for yourself what Love looks like to you!

Week 2

– You will begin to open up like a flower and trust the process. We’ll open your channel of Love.

– You will get to see first hand what your patterns of Love are in this insightful lesson.

– And you will learn what Resistance to Love is.

Week 3

– Here you will be ramping up your energetic Love Vibration. Changing it and creating new sparks of Love energy.

– You will learn how important Speaking Up is in Love. And it’s not what you think!

– After we strip you down of your fears, you will Re-Connect to Love. Real Love.

Week 4

– Your new Love energy will continue to intensify.

– You will gain much more clarity about what you want in this mind blowing lesson!

– You will learn how to merge into your New Love Vibration.

– And you will be ready to be open to Receiving Love…

This is just an overview…but there is more. Much MORE!

$497 for everything!

Total Value – $3,222 Worth!


One easy payment of $297 AUD

Or 2 easy payments of $157 AUD

Program date TBA

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What an amazing teacher, spirit guide and beautiful person Gina is!

She is so gentle and loving. She taught and helped me so much on my path to self love.

When we were first brought together, I was a hot mess. I was very angry, confused, very anxious, felt very alone and played the victim card often. I didn't know what love was, never mind self love.

During the 30 Days to Love program, she was with me every step of the way (even though thousands of miles distance us). She encouraged me, guided me and taught me what love truly is.

I am more at peace. I'm hopeful. And most of all, I love myself.

I highly recommend working with Gina. She truly cares about people and their path to self love. Because love, self love, brings us peace and harmony.

What does it take to have more LOVE in your life?

  • Root Causes – You must look at the source of the problem and be willing to face it and heal it!
  • Belief System – It takes time and effort from you to change the way you feel about Love and yourself and believe what you can have.
  • Toxic Relationships – You must honour and respect yourself first, otherwise others will not do the same for you. You attract the people to you which mirror how you treat yourself. No exceptions!
  • Living in Lack – To accept less is to live in lack. The less you do for yourself and believe you can have, will show up in your experiences.
  • Permission to Accept More – Know that you are worth more than you currently accept. Know your value. Raise your standards. You deserve more!

Why are you settling for the current Love experience you are getting, when you know you DESERVE MORE?!

If you feel frustrated with where you are in life and keep attracting the same experiences, then it is time to CHANGE!

If you have read this far, then you are wanting MORE for yourself!

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It happens when you get to a point where you can take NO MORE of the LACK of love that you currently accept.

It is TIME to CHANGE your current Love Story of your life!

$497 for everything!

Total Value – $3,222 Worth!


One easy payment of $297 AUD

Or 2 easy payments of $157 AUD

Program date TBA

Register your interest here.

How do you know if you should join 30 Days To Love?

  • You are sick and tired of feeling UNLOVED by yourself and others.
  • You find it difficult to heal and move on from your PAIN and are easily triggered by past hurts.
  • You want MORE for yourself!
  • You want to believe in LOVE again and have more in your life.
  • You are 100% committed to seeing this program through to the end and playing full out!
  • You WANT to create your own Love Story.

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Energy takes time to integrate and change takes time to take effect. If you have completed this course in full, used the support included and if after 60 days feel no change at all, you have my money back guarantee.

About your Self Love Leader

Hi, my name is Gina.

I have been studying, learning and teaching Spiritual / Personal Development for the last two decades.

Self Love is truly a very personal journey for me and the day that I stopped looking for it outside of myself, is when things really changed. I realised that we create our own experiences, no matter how painful. And whatever pain that we accept we can reverse and accept Love instead!

My aim in life is to help others like you to find their truth…which is Love, by understanding that you always possess it within you and do not need to go looking for it outside of yourself.

I am passionate about teaching others how to access Emotional Empowerment, how to release deep rooted blockages and to create Self Confidence and Awareness.

If you are looking for a true and honest guide to lead you back into Love, look no further. Here I am! 🙂

I look forward to working with you and creating positive change.


Be Desirable!